1963 Mr. H.Dellemann founded the company H. Dellemann Spedition. First with a truck transportation from Rotterdam were accomplished into the Ruhr district and from the Ruhr district back to Rotterdam. In the course of the next years the vehicle park was then supplemented on three plan courses.
1968 was back taken up first bulk traffic on the relations already driven on of Rotterdam to the Ruhr district.
1973 first chemical transportation are implemented. Here the first experiences for late ever more importantly becoming ADR transportation are gained.
1984 were then shifted the enterprise within Emmerich. Since then the operating yard is in the industrial area east. As well as there and envelope-resounds a wash place camp to the vehicle care established.
1986 the beginning of the express and courier activities takes place. Europe and world-wide special trips and orders for lightning courier are implemented since then.
1991 the old company name takes place to the today's company Helmut Dellemann Spedition & Logistik.
1991 the company founder Helmut Dellemann died suddenly. The follow-up is begun by his son Mr. Holger Dellemann.
1993 admission first transportation and co-operation with the Rhine harbour Emmerich for completion of river boat transportation.
1994 co-operation with numerous agencies in all important seas port primarily in the USA, Australia and the Far East and Southeast Asia for the completion of sea freights, mainly over the sea port Rotterdam. Here both complete containers become (FCL) as well as part loads and small shipments (LCL) completed. In addition we settle all tariff and port formalities for our customers.
2000 first Long-distance traffic taken up. First the relations from the Benelux are back served here to Germany and here we operating mostly in part loads.
2001 development Long-distance traffic. Extension of the offered relations on Denmark, Sweden and Norway by integration into the driving areas already served. Also come into that in addition we lead relations again mainly part loads.
2002 the integration of bulk-operate to Denmark, Sweden and Norway is in the preparatory phase and should up to the first half year 2003 be successfully final.
2003 we lead surface covering bulk-operate from and to Denmark, Sweden and Norway through. The relation Greenland is served likewise now by us within the bulk range. To everyone in enterprise we order taken semitrailer again over a certificate concerning the structure firmness.
2004 we start with the execution of CROSS board he operating from Scandinavia to France and Spain.
2005 H.Dellemann equipped first vehicles with navigation systems and email terminals. Ever more our vehicles are accordingly equipped gradually. Beyond that we begin with the introduction of vehicle GPS. We refer first Trailers with the driving safety system the RSS (roll Stability system) are equipped, which increases the security of the Trailer used by us substantiall.
2006 we receive the first vehicles with the newest exhaust standard EURO 5. We keep for this the highest standards within the range load protection supplementing to semitrailer ensure. All Trailers are certified by EN 12642 Code XL.
2007 we continue the development of our fleet. H. Dellemann Spedition in Duisburg, is created. Further we created a truck workshop at our Headquarter in Emmerich.
2008 we are finalising the development of the trucks workshop. Now all repair and maintenance work in the own house are implemented. Our workshop has besides comprehensive WABCO special customer. An extensive spare part camp for the increase of the flexibility is available likewise. The operational business of the sister enterprise in Duisburg successfully starts. In the second half year we acquire the real estate directly in Emmerich beside our operating yard. Now in Emmerich were based on a 15,000 square meter surface area about 4000 square meter storage space as well as 550 square meter office surface at the disposal.
2009 despite economics and recession we continue to develop our enterprise purposefully. Connected with it we open new trading areas. We begin with the structure of regular transport services for logistics companies, moreover we work now within the range of the branch supply for mark dealers and Discounter. In June 2009 we open a cooling transportation department at the Headquarter in Emmerich. In August 2009 Mr.Helmut Dellemann founded a branch office in the Munich Area.
2010 with beginning of the yearly 2010 we bundle the completion of our national charter-operate (subcontractor employment) central in the address Duisburg. After the address Munich took up the enterprise in the last year, we aligned ourselves here now also in principle. At the location Munich three ranges are settled in particular (the international charter department (subcontractor employment), beverage logistics as well as the department of suburban traffic/distribution of south). The Munich branch start by 01.02.2010 the operational enterprise of the suburban traffic department.